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When I Was 3yrs Old









I started creating music at the age of 3, beating on pots and pans. At that time, this was music to my ears. Probably around 5 is when I started to play the piano. I was very intrigued with the sounds I was hearing.


From the age 5 to 10, I started to really study the art of music. I was then introduced to playing the drums. I really enjoyed playing the drums, all the way up until I was about 19. I than know I had a talent that I developed.


I was than introduced to all kinds of music programs, different keyboards, drum machines and much more. I did as much research as I could to learn how to use this type of equipment. I then started to make all kinds of music.


From smooth rnb beats, to hip hop beats,rap instrumentals beats and more. Through net working, I than start to meet people  like Chingy, New Boyz, Bubba Sparks, BoB, Flo Rida, Luda Chris and much more.


Throughout all of this, I always stayed humble and learned more about my craft of music. For a long time I was giving away free hip hop beats,until I discovered that my beats were worth selling. I made my first major sale when I was 21 yrs old.


I then started to sale my beats online. Don’t get me wrong I still give away free beats from time to time, but I realize that God has given me a gift to make money, inspire people,give great advice and so much more. 

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